$5.99 CAD

Predator Fibers are available in a great array of colors in 18 inch strands - they are perfect for imitating large bait fish as well as 1” to 2” bait fish whether tied on hooks or tubes for saltwater or freshwater fishing flies.

Another great use of Predator Fibers is as winging material for Temple Dogs or other salmon flies, because it does not absorb water, the flies will cast well and give great movement in the water every time.

Large flies tied with Predator Fibers are a dream to cast significant distances as the first back cast removes all the water from the fibers.

The Predator Fibers are fully hydrophobic and easily sheds water on the back cast making the material light to cast. The fiber has a slight 'kink' to it allowing you to give the fly some bulk without having to use excess material. THEY DO NOT ABSORB WATER.

Use your imagination and there is no limit to the flies you can create with Predator Fibers. Synthetic, translucent long tapered tail fibers - Predator Fibers are equally as delicate as traditional feather fiber but infinitely stronger.

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