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Want to start fly fishing for pike in easy way? Well, we got you.

Pike outfit is a true gem and highly liked set for a fisherman who wants to start catching those predators without any extra hassle. The lightweight but powerful rod casts the one of the most legendary pike lines out there, Grand Daddy, with such a speed and ease that even the most experienced fishermen will be surprised. The sturdy aluminum reel has an adjustable disc drag which is strong enough for most predators. The four-piece kit packs into the protective cordura tube with built in reel pouch.

Remember: #itonlycountsonfly. Everything pre-spooled and ready for the action.

  • Strong medium fast action four piece Pike rod
  • Lightweight aluminium reel
  • Grand Daddy intermediate fly line
  • Includes backing and a pike wire leader
  • All pre-spooled and ready for action
  • Comes in a Cardura tube with a reel pouch

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