by Veniard
$7.99 CAD

Veniard Cellire Varnish No.7 Black Head Cement delivers all of the features of this popular head cement in the timeless black finish. Cellire No.7 Black is used to finish or cement the head of hand tied flies.  For those who use it, this product is a cult favorite.

Our local fly tyers love Cellire for it’s smooth, consistent buildup in a single coating.  What makes it so good?  Cellire is easy to apply and dries completely to a hard, durable finish. This seals and protects your knot to stand up longer and prolongs the life of the fly.

To apply, simply dip the tip of your bodkin or brush into the bottle to remove a small drop of varnish.  Apply evenly to the visible thread before allowing to dry.

Veniard Cellire Varnish No.7 Features

  • Perfect Consistency
  • Coats Well
  • Easy Application
  • Hard Smooth Finish


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