Transparent Peccary Quills

$8.99 CAD

True Peccary Synthetic Quills are designed for small flies and come in 0.4mm or 1mm length.

With the white, brown and chocolate colors found on true peccary and having transition bands between the colors, these are an incredible substitute.

These will enable you to create peccary flies using the best quality peccary available and will make perfect bodies every time that are coated with resin or varnish which will make your flies literally bullet proof.

Transparent Peccary Synthetic Quills allows you to use any tinsel, wire or other material as a body with the quill over it to produce stunning flies.

Olive Perfect Quills are available in small, medium and large using the prevalent color in nature and are tapered, simply wrapped and have a resin or varnish coating to make your flies bullet proof.

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