TFO Bug Launcher Kit with NXT GL Reel

by TFO
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Who inspired you to pick up a fly rod? Chances are it was a parent, your Ïfavorite uncle or a close friend that helped you throw your first tailing loop with great pride. You probably landed your first fish on a hand-me-down rod with a missing guide and a doctored tip. It is time for you to pass your knowledge onto others, Temple Fork Outfitters has the perfect rod to hand down; introducing the Bug Launcher series of fly rod kits. Two-piece rods paired with NXT GL reels that are spooled with fly lines backing and a leader, just tie a fly on and let the fun begin.

  • Bug Launchers include thinner diameter compressed cork grips for a better fit in smaller hands.
  • The yellow Bug Launcher logo stands out against a candy apple red blank.
  • 2nd Generation Blank Over Ferrule Technology
  • Speaking of blanks, this series is made from general graphite so there less risk when that passing dragonfly happens to take a swipe.
  • An extended reel seat allows smaller anglers to use two hands for more control.
  • Two models, a 7' 4/5 weight and an 8' 5/6 weight, both are 2 piece Rods.


Includes 2pc. Rod, NXT GL Reel, #20lb. Backing, Wt. Forward Floating Line and 9ft. leader. Ready to tie a fly on and fish.

TFO Bug Launcher Rod Series
Model Length Line Wt. Grip
TFO BLK45LA 2pc. 7'0' 4-5wt. 2.9oz. HW
TFO BLK56LA 2pc. 8'0 5-6wt. 3.2oz. HW

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