$65.99 CAD
Table display with full rotation of its head 360⁰ on its axis, designed to hang streamers or tube flies, equipped with an upper knob to be able to move it easily, even when loaded. It is an excellent way to always have streamers close at hand, of keeping them in order and in view, as well as allowing them to dry by placing them on the plastic cap. The angle of the rods and the plastic caps prevent the streamers from falling when moving the display or when rotating its head.

– Project by Guglielmo Todini
– 100% Made in Italy
– Contains up to 32 streamers
– Rotating head with angled bars and caps to prevent streamers from slipping out
– Available in White, Gray and Black
– Total height 50 cm
– Assembly instructions inside or scan the QR Code on the package
– Internal core made of threaded steel bars
– Made of plastic from renewable plant sources

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