$5.69 CAD

Special Preadolescent/Ultraviolet film over dyed in beautiful color with changeling effects.

Offered in a pack with the width of 1/32” inch., can be used for many applications, as wing case, ribbing and as main material for bodies with changeling shades. 

It is translucent so you can obtain infinite combinations by creating an under body with our Standard tying thread or with one of the Floss series, then wrap over it the Magic Tinsel.

Thanks to its special laminating by pullin it gently you can obtain a small tubing with interesting characteristics.

It can be used to rib or reinforce bodies, in place of copper wire thanks to its good strength, giving to the fly a touch of soft light and color.

This tubing can be also used to form entire bodies or part of them, by wrapping it as a normal thread thanks to its softness and malleability, and obtain a good and imitative segmentation.

By creating an underbody with our Standard tying thread or with a Floss series, you can get infinite color and flash variations on your fly. 

If you create a body with the Flat version and then wrap over it our Synthetic Biot you can easily obtain imitative nymph, wet and dry bodies.

– Film of 1/32” inches width (0,8 mm.)
– Cardboard with 3 meter of film

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