$7.99 CAD

Film with a thickness of 0,2 mm. , iridescent and multipurpose with infinite fields of applicability.

It is a rubbery and robust material with many reflections that change also depending on the base where the material is tied in, being semi-transparent.

It can be used in dressing of any type: on dry flies, emergers, nymphs as ribbing, whole body and wing cases, on streamers as lateral lines, fins, head covering and eyes.

It can be cut at will to obtain the desired profile or shape using just a cutter or a sharp scalpel, with the help of a ruler you can obtain very thin strips .

No videos or photos are able to really show the reflections and colors of this polyhedral material, you need to see it live and, above all, to try it to appreciate its many potentials as tying material.

– Sheet size: 10 x 15 cm.

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