Single Soybean - Yellow/Brown - 6-7"

by TFP
Sold out
$25.00 CAD
Tied on a single 5/0 Gamakatsu B10S hook.
Similar to the High-riser, the Soybean has a flash and feather tail with bucktail as a base. But instead of having reverse ties of bucktail and flash it is immediately followed by a section of polar chenille. The front portion is similar to the High-riser in that it incorporates body tubing, bruiser blend dubbing and bucktail. But the tubing is left circular creating a large symmetrical body of materials.
When wet this spare thin back end, with the large collar and circular shape, creates a very nice fat chest and bellied profile that pushed a lot of water. The shape and construction of the fly creates the perfect profile that glides and turns throughout the water column. This fly fishes fairly fast off the bank and is very easy to cast

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