by Brook
$42.99 CAD

On your boat, in your vehicle, or at the tying bench sometimes you don’t have the time (or just don’t want) to file your flies into a box.  That’s when it’s time to reach for the Outta the Box fly patch.

Silicone inserts make the Outta the Box more durable and last longer than foam fly patches

Velcro Mounting so it can be mounted on any hard surface with a Velcro backing, and grips carpet and similar surfaces. It is not permanently mounted so it can be transported to where it is needed.

Multiple Uses makes the Outta the Box very versatile.  Great for on a boat, in a vehicle, at a tying vice, drying flies, carrying pre-rigged flies and tippet, etc.

Organized slit and non-slit models available.  Both models have larger spacing for easy access to flies and to hold larger patterns.  The slit version has space for 189 flies.

Dimensions are: 7.875″ x 6″

6.4 oz

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