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Kreinik Flash In A Tube™ is a synthetic metallic "tinsel" for adding sparkle and light reflection to the tails and wings of many flies. Kreinik Flash is unaffected by saltwater or epoxy finishes, yet is flexible enough to be mixed with marabou, enhancing its action in the water.

It is the one and only metallic fiber to use on the Kreelex Fly. Add Flash to the tails of woolly buggers, bass bugs, poppers, eels, and leech patterns. Mix Flash with bucktail in streamers. Single strands can be used as ribbing on nymphs and wet flies. Perfect in popular dry fly patterns. The white glow-in-the-dark can be used as a substitute for calftail in a Royal Trude, or as the wing post in a Parachute Adams. It’s like having a built-in strike indicator.

  • Each package includes a clear plastic tube for ease in cutting and storing. 
  • Colors ending in a "V" such as 001V have a matte, less reflective finish. Colors ending in a "HL" such as 001HL are hi-lustre and very shiny. Colors ending in a "L" such as 001L are holographic. V, HL, and L colors are flat fibers, which will lie flatter on the hook for a smoother finish.
  • There are 250, 12" strands in each skein, folded over in the middle and bound with a tie. 
  • Size (width) is 1/69"
  • Supported means it has a nylon supporting thread for extra body

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