$129.99 CAD
$50.88 CAD

BagWhether you're a guide or a dedicated angler, if you enjoy an unconstrained feel while fly fishing this product is for you.

This pack has a lot of storage and a unique style that will appeal to even the most organized perfectionist. 

It is made of water-resistant Jacquard polyester that is extremely durable. Multiple fly boxes and heavy accessories can be stored in the main compartment for easy access. 

A large pocket may be expanded with the help of side straps for added capacity. Inside the pocket is a secondary zip pocket, drop-in pockets, and a tether for accessories you don't want to lose. 

On the front of the pack is a fly drying patch and a forceps sheath, along with a tool attachment ladder system that makes it simple to install any accessory for quick access. 

Pockets on the sides can be utilized for water bottles, bear spray, or anything else you might need quickly without the fuss of unzipping a pocket. 

Within each pocket are tether straps to keep your things locked in. 

A concealed slot is tucked inside the rear padding to keep your net secure, close, and out of the way. 

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