Gulff Lampman 365nm/3W UV flashlight

by Gulff
Sold out
$67.99 CAD

The GULFF Lampman UV flashlight is an eco + stylish, highly efficient and innovative solution for drying almost all UV adhesives in fly-tying.

As a whole, Lampman represents the very best in its field. Lampman is equipped with a high quality 3W Korean LED chip and has a wavelength of 365nm in line with other GULFF torches, which has been found to be optimal for UV adhesives Undoubtedly, Lampman is a great product in terms of value for money when it comes to fulfilling even high ambitions for a UV torch.

Lampman is equipped with USB charging directly to the housing. Package includes 3W/365nm torch, 18650 rechargeable battery and USB cable. 1-year warranty. The warranty covers the torch housing and the LED, not the battery or the cable.

- flat lens due to less loss of light
- no zoom due to less loss of light
- a high Korean quality led chip
- 365 wavelenght optimally suited for UV resin curing
- customized light control mirror
- rechargeable batteries for the nature
- USB charging directly to the housing

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