Double XL Buford - Redhorse Sucker - 11-12"

by TFP
$40.00 CAD
Brad Bohen's Buford/747 fly has become a true staple in the musky world and for good reason. The large bucktail head and collar accompanied by a nice tapered body makes a great deal of water disturbance over to the fly to create an outstanding jerking/gliding action. This fleeing, erratic movement to the fly is further reinforced on the pause when the fly turns broad side to the following fish and hovers. Allowing the fish a full perspective of the fly and maximizing trigger instincts to strike. Articulating this pattern with a shank, hook or combination of both adds side to side movement and live life characteristics to the fly.

Tied on two 5/0 Gamakatsu B10S hooks with a 40mm stainless steel shank in between. This is a average to heavy dressed version.
There is a lot of blending of bucktail to add depth and a mottled apperance to the fly. Tied on the sparse side to be some what neutrally bouyant, while still allowing a slow sink rate and avoid "prairie dogging"

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