Double Side Chick - White/Pink - 8-9"

by TFP
Sold out
$25.00 CAD
Tied on a 4/0 Ahrex PR320 and 5/0 Gamakatsu B10S with a stainless steel shank connection. This is a upscaled version of the single Side Chick. 
This is a jerk style fly with a fuller, tapered profile and a larger head that will push more water than the BC Jerk. This is a very sparse pattern with the illusion of bulk. A slight keel is used to help tracking in current.
A bucktail, flash and schlappen tail is the base and weight of the fly. The body is deceiver and reverse tied bucktail and more flash and shimmer fringe, with a polar chenille sections.  The head is made of a 1/2 inch body tubing prop pinched and set to give a thinner, jerk fly shape. Flash, shimmer fringe and bruiser blend dubbing veil the tubing and is finished with eyes and a thin flex UV coating. 

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