Double Model T - White/Black - 8-9"

by TFP
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$35.00 CAD
The Model T is a custom variation of Bohen's Double Buford, with characteristics from Chocklett's T-Bone and Popovics Bulkhead. Tied on a 5/0 Gamakatsu B10S hook with a slight keel on the bend, followed by a 4/0 Ahrex PR320. The connecting is made with a stainless steel shank to ensure durability, reduce fowling and keep the hook inline.
Besides a little extra dressing compared to a traditional Buford style fly. The Model T also features polar chenille, ostrich herl, marabou and two props of 1/4 inch body tubing near the head. Maintaining shape and water pushing attributes while keeping a sparse tie and allowing for a smaller bulkhead style head.
This fly is slightly on the neutrally bouyant side while having a mid to slow sink rate allowing it to fish faster off the bank in moderate current. The slight keel adds to this while also helping the fly swim true in current.
The broad collar and tapered body holds the same characteristics of a Buford or glider; giving this fly a side to side erratic movement and broad side turns on the pause.

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