Double Bearded Slider - Black/Copper - 8-9"

by TFP
Sold out
$30.00 CAD
Tied on a 5/0 Gamakatsu B10S hook in the rear, a 6/0 TP610 in front, articulated using a stainless steel shank connection.

Hidden within the head are large dumbbell eyes to give it a sliding, gliding action. Weight on the rear hook along with the schlappen also help with this and turning broad side on the pause.

Sparsely tied and weighted this fly fishes fast off the bank and stays true in moderate to heavy current. The craft fur under bucktail with moderate to large amounts of flashabou adds contrasting movement and even appears to be moving with the fly is not.

Coming in at 8-9" and weighted I suggest using atleast a 10wt rod. This is a great fly for fishing shallow water on a floating or intermediate line, as well as being able to fish deeper water with a sinking line. Which is my preferred method.

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