7th Annual Panfish Tournament


The 7th annual Panfish Tournament is cancelled for 2024!

We will be back in 2025!


6th Annual Panfish Tournament Top 3

1st Mike Emeneau

2nd Ron Piotrowski

3rd John Robinson


The 6th annual Panfish tournament is set for 2023.  The tournament will be scheduled for Saturday, June 10th, between 4pm and 8pm, prime time to catch big panfish on the fly!  This is an opportunity to not only get out fishing, but also to meet and connect with other fellow fly fishers.  What better way to spend a late spring evening.  Enjoying the sport we covet so much, while sharing tips, networking, and catching fish eager to strike your fly!

The tournament will be held at Tottenham Conservation area off 4th line (Mill street west).  Free parking can be found on the south side of the street.  Google map coordinates (6789-6889 Mill St W, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0)

The Rules and Guidelines are as follow:

  • Tournament is on June 10th, 2023 and starts at 4pm and ends at 8pm.
  • Entry fee is $35
  • Entry Fee MUST be paid on day of registration, or your spot will not be held. Please e-transfer the fee to flylifenationmedia@gmail.com.
  • When payment has been received, the spot is yours. There are no refunds and the fee is non-transferrable.
  • 30 contestants allowed, and participants must pre-register as entries are limited.
  • To register fill out the registration form which is linked on the bottom of the page, then send it to flylifenationmedia@gmail.com.  Or fill in the direct contact information present on the bottom of this page.
  • Sunfish and Crappie are the targeted species: Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds, Rock bass, Yellow Perch and Crappie are present in the host water body.
  • Combined weight of the 2 best fish within that 4 hour period wins!
  • Scales are provided at check in
  • Fly fishing method ONLY!
  • One pole per contestant.
  • Single hook set up.
  • Barbless hooks
  • Catch and release ONLY!
  • Shore fishing ONLY! No boats, kayaks, or any other personal watercraft.
  • Should there be a tie the winner will be decided by coin toss.

Prizes would be as follow:

Update  5.24.23

1st Place – $220 & Trophy

2nd Place – $120 & Trophy

3rd Place – 80 & Trophy

4th Place – $70

5th Place – $60

6th Place – $50

7th Place – $40

8th Place - $30

9th Place - $20

10th Place - $10



$100 for Brook Trout!

3 Fly Life Co. - Gift Cards at $25.00 ea

Aquaz - Lids

Whiskey Road Hat Co.- Lids

Brook - Silicone Fly Patch

Pet Valu Nobleton - $50 Gift Card





Tournament Registration Form

Online Registration 


There will also be giveaways! We’ll treat you good and make sure everybody has a great time during this annual meet up of Fly Life Nation.

 If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to email us at flylifecompany@gmail.com or give us a call at 416-559-1359 
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Past Winners

  • 2018 - Dan Collins
  • 2019 - John Crisalogo
  • 2020 - Mike McKenzie
  • 2021 - Ryder Beauregard
  • 2022 - Ryder Beauregard
  • 2023 - Mike Emeneau
  • 2024 - Cancelled