Legacy Fly Lines & Backing

Legacy Fly Lines & Backing

Fly Life Legacy fly line offers anglers the highest level of features and performance expected of a premium line—minus the premium price.

 The Legacy series of high performance lines evolved from years of experience and knowledge of the fly fishing sport. These fly fishing lines are manufactured using high quality material to cover every fishing situation—from the smallest pond, to the pounding surf.

Legacy has a dimensionally stable braided core that minimizes line stretch, giving greater control and flexibility over a wide temperature range. The Teflon used in our exclusive Flexhood all season coating provides permanent lubrication, for greater durability and smooth line feed.

Legacy fly line disperses the casting energy evenly along the length of its precise tapers, allowing exceptionally long and accurate casts.

Premium Legacy fly line is super durable and offers superb handling. By allowing anglers to present the fly gently and accurately, Legacy offers the ultimate in fly line performance, giving more pleasure to an already enjoyable sport.


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