Black Sheep Lanyards! Available now at Flylife company!

Black Sheep Lanyards! Available now at Flylife company!

Fly Life co is proud to introduce Black Sheep Lanyards to our great line up of merchandise.  We’ve been blessed with the title of the exclusive Canadian supplier of this great product residing from our US neighbors.  Lanyards simply can be described as the flyfisher’s best friend, and anyone active in the hobby losing an important tool while trudging through the stream, or losing a trophy fish while rummaging through one’s pockets for a pair of hemostats can attest to that.  Lanyards conveniently allow you to keep everything you need during a fishing outing within reach while safely securing them.  This also avoids you from having to fill your pockets full of fishing gear, making for easier mobility while hunting your quarry through the river.

So why choose Black Sheep Lanyards above other similar products?  Well first and foremost they are very well made with durability at top of mind, without sacrificing comfort as the soft material is ideal to be worn for long outings on the water.  If that wasn’t enough, one should never have to sacrifice style for comfort and practicality and here again Black Sheep Lanyards excel.  Coming in five creative color patterns mimicking popular Salmonid gamefish, so you can choose a style based on your favorite quarry.

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