Choosing the Right Fly Tying Scissors

Choosing the Right Fly Tying Scissors

When tying flies, one point keeps coming up — the types of scissors we use. The reason is simple; all fly tyers use them and they all have different opinions! Here is an article describing the main types of scissors you may encounter during your fly-tying career.

Entry-level scissors are useful for tyers who only mount a few times a year for personal use, but will soon become obsolete under excessive use. These are affordable scissors but are designed to only cut natural materials. You will usually find them in the price fly between ten and twenty dollars, which makes it an interesting purchase if you're just starting tying.

The premium range of tools is a bit more expensive but will last much longer than the entry-level scissors. It is not an expense, but an investment, since they will often last as long as your passion does!


As the name suggests, these scissors can be used in almost any situation. Generally cheaper than specialized scissors, they will allow you to cut various natural materials, threads as well as most synthetic materials with ease. Depending on the investment we put in, they will last longer or less. As they will cover the majority of your needs, all-purpose scissors are ideal to get started.


These scissors are well appreciated, as it is possible to tighten the tension between the blades and thus actually adjust them to your style of tying. They are also useful for cutting fine materials with their precise tip. These scissors should never be used for cutting tinsel or synthetic materials that are too robust, as this would damage sharpening.

All-Purpose Tungsten

Here is the perfect pair of scissors to cut absolutely any solid material, even wire! Tungsten is, by its nature, one of the strongest materials that can be used to make scissors. They are therefore able to cut almost all assembly materials without showing signs of wear.


Specialized scissors such as the Kopters are more expensive. This is however normal, since they are the sharpest scissors available on the market, and last for a very long time as they are used to do what they were created for. When we talk about very high-end scissors like these, they are designed for one purpose only: to cut feathers, hair or fur. They are made to keep their cutting edge during these specific uses and will last for a very long time which makes it an even more interesting investment!

Depending on your tying frequency and the types of materials you want to cut, you will benefit from a certain assortment of scissors that will allow you to appreciate the experience. Much like golf can’t be played with a single stick, fly mounting requires several types of tools, and scissors are no exception.


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