Appalachian Furled Leader Co.

Appalachian Furled Leader Co.

Throughout the year we’ve been using furled leaders from our friends at Appalachian Furled Leader Co. during our fishing outings, and needless to say we have been impressed with the quality and performance of the product.  Appalachian furled leaders have become a fixture in our arsenal of equipment.

Many fly fishermen, especially novice, tend to ignore the importance of a good quality leader, or fail to match the proper tippet and leader in accordance to different fishing situations.  Appalachian furled leaders not only have leaders for all different types of fly fishing methods, but there are noticeable advantages to using their “furled leaders”.

  • First and foremost, they have a higher ability to float with floatant apply to the leader just prior to use. Otter Butter last all day!  Not fishing dry flies, you can simply use a sinking tippet if using wet flies or streamers.
  • They allow for fewer knot tying since the connections are loop to loop or tippet ring.
  • Their strength and quality allows for longer use from one leader, capable of lasting all season.
  • And probably my favorite perk; there is no memory in furled leaders so you will not get any kinks or twisting in the line.

Check out their website from the link below and definitely give their products a try.  It has definitely made for a more productive fishing year for us!

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